SCOTWRAP LTD  Kitchen renovation specialists are a team of hardworking and energetic professionals. We’re passionate about the wrapping process, the most cost-effective way to change the look of your kitchen or the other furniture. 

The business was founded in 2017, and the main purpose that we started doing this was a huge need to offer our customers some kind of alternatives to the new kitchens. We had earlier joinery experience, so we could start offering a different type of kitchen transformation. Now, after the time, we’re able to provide the best service not only in kitchen wrapping! We can offer also other renovation options, and still at a cheaper cost than a completely new kitchen!!

We prioritize our customers, as we believe that only this way we can make “win to win”. From the very beginning, we are focused on building customers loyalty. And that’s why we’ve already transformed hundreds of kitchens.

We’re primarily based in Glasgow but we do cover other parts of Scotland too.
As a customer, you don’t need to worry as we’ll carry out for you the entire process from start to finish!

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Just pick a colour, we’ve got it covered!

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