Vinyl wrapping is the most cost-effective way to change the look of your kitchen cupboards, and we can offer this to all kitchens/ furniture with flat doors. 

Kitchen wrapping is the process of applying architectural vinyl to different surfaces. We can offer a variety of colours to choose from. All vinyl used by our company comes with a “bubble-free” called air release system, they are water and heat resistance. We use only high-quality vinyls which come in standard and premium ranges. Vinyl wrapping has a life span of around 8-12 years (depending on the material used). If you maintain your wrap properly, it has the potential to last even a lifetime. The specification can be shown to our customers.

Unfortunately, we don’t wrap grooved doors, so if you have a kitchen with this kind of door, please have a look at our other transformation options. 

Below are a few examples of kitchen wrapping finishes. ⬇️

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