Vinyl wrapping is the most cost-effective way to change the look of your kitchen cupboards, and we can offer this to all kitchens/ furniture with flat doors. 

Kitchen wrapping is the process of applying architectural vinyl to different surfaces. We can offer a variety of colours to choose from. All vinyl used by our company comes with a “bubble-free” called air release system, they are water and heat resistance. We use only high-quality vinyls which come in standard and premium ranges. Vinyl wrapping has a life span of around 8-12 years (depending on the material used). If you maintain your wrap properly, it has the potential to last even a lifetime. The specification can be shown to our customers.

Unfortunately, we don’t wrap grooved doors, so if you have a kitchen with this kind of door, please have a look at our other transformation options. 

Below are a few examples of kitchen wrapping finishes. ⬇️


Acrylic boards are also known as high gloss acrylic panels. This is one of the possible options for kitchens with grooved doors, and it’s a transformation service that suits budgets in between wrapping and replacing new doors. 

Basically, we put the board over your exciting door and that makes them flat and modern. All the rest is wrapped to match the colour. We don’t wrap acrylics over as boards already come in a colour we order. We use only high-quality boards in a gloss finish, which gives an effect of the completely new doors. Panels are all custom made to measure 3mm thickness, they are also water and heat resistant.

Unfortunately, acrylic boards are not a good solution for all kinds of doors. If your doors are very old, damaged then we better advise to go with replacing doors. If you’re not sure if this transformation is exactly for your kitchen, simply contact us and we’ll help. 

Below are a few examples of kitchen finishes with acrylic boards.⬇️


Some of our customers prefer just simply replace doors with a new one, also with worktops and splashback. At Scotwrap we can offer this to our customers too.

In our offer, you can choose between standard, shaker or handleless doors. To achieve the best result, we replace doors and drawers with new ones and all other visible parts of the kitchen are wrapped to match the colour. 

Replacing doors is more expensive than wrapping, however, because the rest of the kitchen is wrapped, we can achieve great results and still at a much lower price than a completely new kitchen. 

Below are a few examples of kitchen finishes with new doors/worktops/splashbacks. ⬇️

IV. COMMERCIAL OFFER (for landlords/ other business owners)

At Scotwrap we don’t wrap only kitchens! 

Are you a Landlord or Estate Agent? Or maybe you are a pub, restaurant, fitness club Owner or any other? If so, this offer is exactly for you. We know how challenging is to run a business these days. From time to time there is a need to renovate our working areas, properties, offices and many more… so there is also a need to look for the best solutions to the business.

That’s why we come up with an offer for customers with different orders than usual we do. We can renovate many different surfaces like offices, desks, fitness clubs, toilets, walls etc. We can give you a high-quality finish on a satisfactory budget.  For our permanent customers, we can also offer more discounts. 

If you’re not sure if we can do the work, simply contact us and someone will contact you as soon as possible with more information. We’re always interested in new challenges.

Below are a few examples of the commercial jobs we’ve already made.⬇️

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