Our Privacy Policy was last updated on: 17/03/2022

The Privacy Policy describes our policies and procedures on the collection and use of your information when using our services.

Scotwrap LTD company uses your personal data to provide and improve customer service. Information is also used for our analyses and records. As a company, we use appropriate systems to ensure the best possible protection for your data. 

We would never sell, rent or trade any kind of our customer’s information to third parties either for marketing purposes or any other purpose. We may share only some of your general demographic information with the third companies that we cooperate with, which are trustworthy and loyal to us only in order to process the agreed order.

Scotwrap LTD reserve the right to change the privacy policy from time to time. We advise all customers to check our privacy policy regularly to see if there are any modifications.

By using our service, the customer agrees to the collection and use of information according to our Privacy Policy. If you do not agree with our Privacy Policy, please do not use our sites.

Website browser:

Our company uses data collected by the software Google Analytics. The software collects data when someone visits our website . With the help of this program, we collect only standard, basic information about our visitors. As a company we can find out how many visitors are coming in a specific period of time, how long they stay on the page, etc. We are not able to collect any personal information about visitors using Google Analytics.

We collect customer’s personal information such as name, email address, phone number, home address with postcode, and city of living only when the customer fills out the company contact form on the website. We never collect client’s personal information if they don’t fill out the form voluntarily. However we may still collect non-personal information about them. This may include the browser name, device type, internet providers, or other technical information.

Social media:

When customers visit our social media pages such as Facebook, Instagram, and leave comments we may collect their non-personal information. When the customer visits our page on social media and leaves comments on the main page, we kindly ask to not post any kind of pictures or messages with their personal information.

We collect customer’s personal information only within private messages, after voluntarily providing them to our company. We may also at some time ask customers to provide their personal information within our company promotional campaign. We do this by asking to fill out the form with information such as name, address email, phone number.

Every customer has a right to refuse from providing any kind of information. This however may cause the impossibility to finalize the order.


When customers provide the company with their personal information, also agree to sign up for the company newsletter. We use that information to provide as best as possible customer service. We send e-mails to inform our customers about actual promotions, free vouchers, and codes, as well as to send much important information about kitchen wrapping. With every email sent by the automatic system at the very bottom of it, there is information about the possibility to unsubscribe.

We also send directive e-mails to customers in case to respond to their quotes or any other enquires.


All customers are entitled to delete their personal information from our system. If you want to do this so, or you have any other questions regarding our Privacy Policy, please contact our company by sending an e-mail request to:



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