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SCOTWRAP LTD  is a Private Limited Company registered in Scotland (Company Register Number SC607545) with the registered office address at 1 Blair Crescent, G69 7BE, GLASGOW.

Our terms and conditions apply to all kitchens and architectural wraps we use.
We reserve the right to change these terms from time to time.
Please check them always before you make a purchase.
Our Terms and Conditions was last updated on: 06/06/2022

Time responds:

Monday-Friday        from 9 am -6 pm
Saturday                   from 9 am -3 pm
Sunday                     closed

All messages are responded to within 24 hrs.
All calls if not answered will be called back by one of our team members as soon as possible. Please allow us to respond for up to 24hrs.
In case of a high volume of contact, we’ll come back with the answer as soon as possible.


All quotes send via email/social media are estimated and based on photos and information provided by the customer. For jobs including replacing doors/worktops/splashbacks additional home visit is necessary to provide the final price.

In most cases, the job price remains the same as was quoted or can change slightly. The price change may be influenced by adding additional works, items that were not seen on pictures, changing materials to more expensive, repairs, etc. All price changes are always discussed with the customer and works are carried out only after approval and deposit payment.

Because material price changes all the time, our quotes are valid for up to 30 days. After this time, we reserve the right to change the price.

Deposit required: min. 25% of the full balance but no less than £100.

We allow customers to pay the deposit for up to 2 working days. After this time we cannot guarantee the same date as was discussed during the quotation.


We provide
12 months warranty for all works carried out,
5 – 8 years manufacturers guarantee

We don’t take responsibility for any damages caused by the customer. However we’re always want to make our customers satisfied with our service, so even minor works after installation can be repaired by valuing individually.

Kitchen wraps:

Architectural kitchen wraps are designed to change the look of your kitchen. The results of the final works it is depending on the surface and actual condition of the kitchen. Vinyl cannot repair any broken or damaged parts of the kitchen. If you see damages or broken parts in the kitchen, please contact our team to discuss it. Some parts of the kitchen can be replaced before or during the installation. This will incur an additional cost.

Worktop wraps:

Worktop wraps are designed to change the look of the worktop. Those wraps cannot be treated in the same way as traditional worktops and require special care. If there are imperfections on the worktop they may be still visible after installation.

We advise that hot pots/pans shouldn’t be placed directly on the worktop. Cutting should be also made on kitchen boards. Pressure should be avoided. Stains such as wine, curry, turmeric, tomato-based products, or any other hard-to-wash product must be cleaned immediately.

Failure to do so may result in irreversible changes in the worktop color wrap or damage the vinyl and the company doesn’t take the responsibility for this. For a better finish, we recommend taking off the old silicone before we apply a new one. Please be aware of joints in some places. If you want to avoid joints, we recommend disassembling the hob/sink before our arrival and reassembling after job completion at your expense.

New worktops:

New worktops are fitted by our joiners.  Works including gas, electricity, and plumbing are carried out by the outside workers and at additional costs. Customer needs to allow workers to have access if water needs to be cut off. When the customer decides to replace the sink, the client needs to inform the company as well as provide necessary finishes.


Wraps used for splashbacks are designed to change the look of the splashback. We don’t cover tiles with splashback wraps. Those wraps cannot fix damaged parts of the splashback. If the wrap comes behind the gas hob it is advised to secure the area additionally e.g. with the glass. Please be aware of joints in some places.

Replacement doors:

Replacement doors are come with the manufacturer’s guarantee and may have some imperfections. We always try to match the size of doors as close as possible to the original doors. However, we allow up to 5mm difference in new size doors.

Colour match:

When the kitchen is wrapped partially (e.g. we replace doors, but all other parts of the kitchen are wrapped) we always try to match the colour vinyl as close as possible to the rest of the kitchen. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee the ideal colour match because products are made from different materials. Wraps are also produced with a different batch code, so the shades of the vinyl may change sometimes. Colours are always discussed with the client before the installation.


Our team always takes photos before and after the installation. The staff takes photos of any kitchen parts that are damaged/broken for our records. We use photos for marketing, we never sell any photos to third parties. When the customer makes a purchase, it means that also agrees for taken photos.

Existing fixings:

Our company is not responsible for broken or damaged hinges, handles or fixings. If some of the fixings need replacement, please let us know and we can offer that at an additional cost.


Our installers don’t move whitegoods because this can cause damage. If you want to get wrapped sides/panels which stay next to the appliances, we recommend removing them before the installation.

Preparation before the installation:

Before the installation we ask to empty all drawers, all the rest can stay in cupboards. We also ask to take off everything from worktops. Regarding cleaning, we ask to clean all parts of the kitchen (doors, drawers, sides, kickplates, etc.), worktops, splashbacks, or any other furniture that will be wrapped during the job.

All quote prices given to the customer don’t include a deep cleaning. It is the customer’s responsibility to prepare the kitchen before installation. Workers always clean doors and other parts while working, however, they don’t do a deep cleaning. If the kitchen isn’t prepared properly, this may affect the final results. Workers are allowed to reschedule the job, if there will be no possibility to finish the job, however, this will be chargeable. The additional cost of a minimum of £50 may be added to the price if the team will need to clean the kitchen before they’ll be able to start the job.

If you’re not sure about that how the kitchen should be prepared before arrival, please contact our team. If you need help we can also arrange a deep cleaning company for an additional cost.

During installation:

The customer needs to allow workers to have enough space so that they can complete the work. If the kitchen is very small, we kindly ask to organize an additional room which staff will be able to use while installation.


Kitchen wrapping is manual work made by our team. We always do our best to make the finish as best and close to as new as possible, however, it may have some imperfections, especially within hard-to-reach parts of the kitchen. Kitchen wrapping is the most cost-effective way to change the look of your kitchen, however, it can’t be compared to a new kitchen.

To achieve the best finish, it is the customer’s responsibility to make a room preparation before installation. Any kind of dust, garbage, greasy or paint stains, hairs may stick to the vinyl and affect the finish.

Our staff uses silicon to finish purposes at your kitchen which makes the room finish complete. Please allow up to 6 hrs to dry the surface before you start using your kitchen as normal.


Payment must be made on a day after completing the job in full.
We accept cash and bank transfers.
Cash needs to be given immediately to installers after job completion.
Bank transfer needs to be made the same day immediately after completion. The payment confirmation must be shown to the installers.


All customers have a right to make changes in colour up to 14 days before the date of the job. This doesn’t include the situation when a customer orders made-to-measure products such as doors/acrylic panels/premium range vinyl unless will decide to cover in full new materials cost.

In some situations as well as customers as our team need to reschedule the date of the job.

If a customer needs to reschedule the date of the job, we’ll do our best to offer you an alternative date.

*Up to 14 days before the job there will be no extra fees for rescheduling a date.

*For reschedules between 14 -8 days before the job, firstly we’ll try to swap dates with other customers. The First 2 reschedule dates are free of additional charge. Every next reschedule date will be charged £100.
*For reschedules less than 8 days before the job, we’ll try to swap dates with other customers. However, if this won’t be possible then reschedule date will be charged £100.

The deposit won’t be returned:

* If the customer decides to cancel the job in less than 14 days before the agreed job date,

* For all orders with made-to-measure doors/panels as well as high range wraps that are already ordered.

* In a situation where it will not be possible to perform the work because the kitchen/other furniture will look different than it was presented during the valuation.

We reserve the right to reschedule the date of the job in situations that we cannot influence as a company (e.g. employee sickness, Covid quarantine, failure in material delivery caused by the manufacturer, delivery delays, etc.). One of our team members will get in touch with you as soon as possible if we need to reschedule the date.

The company reserve the right to cancel the job at any time.


All wraps require careful cleaning. We recommend using a standard antibacterial cleaner or only water. Don’t use any chemical or any other strong cleaners for surfaces. To avoid scratches, please use only soft cloths.


The customer is responsible to check all the work made by the team before they leave. If there are works that could be repaired on the same date just after the finish, and the customer will not report it to the team, can incur additional costs. When a customer decides to leave workers in an empty home, and cannot check the finish just after installation, is aware of the additional costs that may incur if complaints will be reported.  The company also doesn’t take any kind of responsibility for other parts of the house when workers are left alone without owners.

If you want to report a repair later, please contact our team immediately. Please be aware as our team takes photos of any damages that were already in the kitchen before the installation, so each case will be considered separately. Wraps cannot fix the broken parts of the kitchen, so this kind of repair report doesn’t come with any warranty.
Please allow us up to 48hrs to respond. We will do our best to offer the fastest way to resolve the problem.

Abuse towards staff:

Abuse towards our staff will not be tolerated in any way. Staff reserve the right to cease any work and leave the premises or correspondence with abusive customers.


For our company, the most important is the satisfaction of our customers. We always do our best to complete the job to the highest possible standards. If you have any questions or you’re not sure about any part of our T&C, please contact us. We’re more than happy to help.


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